Deadpool Review


Over the past few years we have been brought seemingly countless numbers of superhero films, yet Deadpool still manages to be an original movie. It does this through being completely marketed to an adult audience and taking advantage of its R rating. It’s not recommended you take children to see this, as it is full of sex, nudity, language, violence, blood, and one seriously deranged superhero. However I feel it to be incorrect to call him a superhero, as Deadpool himself says so in the movie. He is much more of the classic antihero as he seems much more violent, provocative, and gung-ho than his X-Men counterparts.

Deadpool is foul mouthed, cheeky, and has a one of a kind eccentric personality. He consistently enjoys breaking the 4th wall and is full of witty pop culture references that people across generations can understand. At times he gets himself into horribly dangerous situations and still manages to crack funny one liners. He has no problem cutting through and gunning down enemies in the well-choreographed action scenes. Deadpool is quite possibly one of the raunchiest and most relentless comic book characters ever to be brought to the big screen.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the charming antihero Deadpool (real name being Wade Wilson) and follows his journey to get revenge on the men who tortured him and left his body scarred. The first half of the film is told partially by flashbacks in non-linear storytelling way. Through these flashbacks we get a look into Deadpool`s origin story and how he becomes an eccentric antihero. Along the way we meet many great characters including Deadpool`s love interest Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin. We also get a look into two of the X-Men, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead who help Deadpool take on the movies villain in the third act. Both shall most likely appear in the next X-Men installment.

So far the movie has been a hit with audiences and a huge success at the box office, as it very well should. I highly recommend going to see Deadpool as it was a lot of fun. It kept me laughing at its often times macabre sense of humor and kept me engaged with its fast paced story telling. There was plenty of katana swinging, gun firing fighting that traditional action film fans will truly enjoy. I especially loved the little subtle moments of perfectly timed humor that made me tear up with laughter. Like how Deadpool takes the time to roll down the window of a toppled and destroyed SUV to get out. Instead of perhaps just kicking it down. Ryan Reynolds along with the rest of the cast of Deadpool do a fantastic and believable job. By the time it was over I left the theater wishing there was more. Deadpool continues to breathe new life into an ever growing universe of superhero movies. It is proof that there is plenty more superhero stories out there to tell. Even if they stray from the traditional way we view our heroes.

Zachary Flint

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