Sully Review

Sully is another blockbuster drama directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. It soars as high as I`d expect an Eastwood film too and contains a pleasant array of great acting and directing.

The film stars Tom Hanks as Chesley Sullenberger, the American airline captain who was forced to make an emergency water landing in the Hudson River. Everyone aboard Flight 1549 survived the landing, many claiming it was due to the flight and safety skills of Captain Sullenberger. The film details the events surrounding the aftermath of the landing, including the guilt Captain Sully felt for possibly endangering the lives of the passengers for no reason.

Sully is a well-made film by a more than accomplished director. I could tell from watching that a lot of care and dedication was put into the film by Eastwood, the cast, and the crew. Tom Hanks as Sullenberger was a perfect choice in actor. Every movie I`ve seen Tom Hanks in, whether the film is good or bad, he always seems to put in an above average performance. Sully is no exception here, as Hanks successfully managed to submerge me into the psyche of Sully. He allows the audience to share in the emotions he is feeling and expresses himself in such a way that people can understand.

Hank`s character is supported nicely by Aaron Eckhart, who plays the copilot of Flight 1549, Jeff Skiles. The two work off of each other to great success and even share in the comedic relief of the film.

I also enjoyed the nonlinear way Sully was shot, as it could`ve easily been shot as one straight story. The events leading up to the landing in the Hudson River, landing in the Hudson, and then the aftermath. Instead, the audience is treated to a more interesting and complex telling of the emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549. This includes many flashbacks to the landing Sullenberger has, and with each one the audience gets a more in depth perspective on the event.

The filmmakers seemed to understand how to balance the emotional tone of Sully just right. There were plenty of intense sequences for audiences to enjoy, but also plenty of slow expository scenes for people to catch their breath.

There were a few scenes in Sully where the CGI use was very obvious and didn’t look to good, but I`m really nitpicking here. I just didn’t find anything that was particularly bad about Sully. It falls slave to some typical Hollywood drama tropes, and even fictionalizes major factors in the aftermath of the landing, but it still stands as a great film nonetheless.  Sully is an all-around solid movie with great performances from Hanks and Eckhart, who are what hold this drama up.

If you’re not a fan of Clint Eastwood`s style of directing, then this probably won`t be a film for you. For anyone interested in seeing a Hollywood drama about an important event in recent American History, I recommend that they check it out.

Zachary Flint

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