Finding Dory Review

I seem to be much more cautious towards seeing Pixar films than most people. I`m never quite as convinced that what their putting out is magnificent. I did not like Cars or Cars 2, neither did I like Planes. But that is a whole different argument.

Despite this, I genuinely enjoyed their latest feature, Finding Dory. All the right pieces and all the right parts came together to make this one enjoyable family film. It definitely had its low points, and had the usual Pixar stuff that get tiresome, but nonetheless I think Finding Dory is a solid movie.

Finding Dory stars (not surprisingly) the beloved Blue Tang fish Dory, voiced be Ellen DeGeneres. Dory is now living next to Nemo and Marlin on the reef, when she starts having visions of her family whom she has not seen since she was a child. Dory must now set off on an adventure to find her long lost parents, all while meeting goofy new characters along the way.

The animation in Finding Dory is beyond incredible, as Pixar usually is. I had no problem being sucked into the film by the colorful visuals.

Sometimes with Pixar flicks what holds me back from enjoying as much is the story, as I am not always convinced they are as great as everyone says they are. I think they play it safe too much too often and just go with the same style of story. However, the story in Finding Dory is surprisingly strong.

The location of the story mainly takes place in a large aquarium, where Dory is trying to find the tank her parents live in.  The aquarium itself is very visually interesting and is set up to remind me exactly of a real aquarium.

Their are a couple of points early on where the film has some cameos from Finding Nemo characters. This for me was one of the worst points of Finding Dory. The cameos felt so pointless and forced, like they felt obligated to throw at least a few past characters in. I was actually pretty astonished at how annoyed I felt by these cameo characters, because all the new characters introduced in Finding Dory are great. In fact, they were probably the strongest point of the film.

There is this pissed off squid named Hank (Ed O`Neill) that Dory meets trying to sneak his way onto a crate that will take him to an aquarium. He is pretty funny from start to finish and actually gets a lot of development in the plot.

There is also this whale named Bailey (Ty Burrell) that Dory meets who is very funny. He cannot use his echolocation due to a concussion he received, but really he`s just a hypocondriac. His character gets a lot of development from the plot too, all to my delight.

There are so many new fun and creative characters that are brought in its hard to recall each one. This is the biggest reason I loved Finding Dory, and I have a safe bet it`s why many others liked Finding Dory too.

This is another strong film from the animation giant Pixar. Its a film many will love, and only a select few will hate. I recommend Finding Dory to anyone and everyone who loves a good Pixar movie.

Zachary Flint

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