Deepwater Horizon Review

I’ve recently noticed that with Hollywood dramas, particularly those based on true events, there is a certain level of dramatization. This almost always occurs so that the film can maintain interest for the audience. However, I believe there gets to be a point where, like Sully, the dramatization gets a little overbearing. Where drawing out the events starts to work against keeping the audience engaged and inevitably hinders the story. I at times felt this way with the film Deepwater Horizon.

Deepwater Horizon depicts events relating to a real-life oil rig that, on April 20, 2010, exploded due to a blowout. The explosion and the fire that ensued killed eleven workers, and began the worst oil spill in U.S. history. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as Mark Williams, one of the workers on the rig who experienced the explosion. Deepwater Horizon co-stars Kurt Russell and John Malkovich.

Deepwater Horizon, in some aspects, comes off as an overblown Hollywood drama. That’s where I believe most of the hate for this film will come. At times it gets very repetitive with the dramatic explosions, followed by bodies being thrown, followed by people onlooking in fear.

The film even got to the point where I could tell when the next explosion was going to happen. The music would build up, completely stop, then out of nowhere something else explodes. So the extent to which this bothers viewers will rely on how willing they are to suspend their disbelief for a film based on true events.

Despite the problems, Deepwater Horizon manages to be many good things. It can be funny, intense, emotional, and suspenseful. Those behind the camera really knew what they were doing and just how to make a compelling film.

The best part about the film are the great acting jobs from all the lead protagonists, especially Mark Wahlberg. His Southern accent and well developed onscreen personality makes him connect with the other characters very well. Kurt Russel is great too, as the stern boss who won’t take crap from the BP higher ups.

The dialogue written for Mark and Kurt is made to keep the viewer interested, even when there really isn’t anything going on. The first hour of so of the film relies on the cast and the dialogue being interesting, and it is! The content is witty and fun, and I already mentioned how great all the actors are.

All the action in Deepwater Horizon is filmed very well. So when things get intense, the audience feels right along with the crew. My heart was racing at various moments of the climax, even though it was a little predictable.

Anyone who loves Hollywood dramas depicting real events will like this movie. Those who’ve grown tired of overblown, predictable action movies definitely won’t enjoy this movie as much. As for me, I liked Deepwater Horizon in all of its overly dramatic glory.

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