Annoying People at the Movies

Almost every time I go to the theater nowadays, my enjoyment of watching the film is broken by someone being incredibly rude or obnoxious. Sometimes it’s a person eating food very loudly. Other times it’s someone actually taking a phone call in the theater, and they don’t courteously leave.

I would like to discuss a few of my experiences in the theater that have annoyed me greatly. These experiences are very recent and are why I have been compelled to write this.

Just recently, while viewing Kubo and the Two Strings, a mother’s young children yelled and screamed through most of the film. The mother just sat there without a care in the world, her brain hanging somewhere in space over Lake Michigan. She never told them to be quiet, and never took any of the children out of the theater. Just sat there and let them scream.

Another movie viewing where I almost mentally snapped was The Birth of a Nation. Just behind me a man was eating his food so loud I could tell exactly what he was eating. “That was a piece of popcorn. Now that was an M&M.” So on and so forth. It became so extreme I had to move my seat, twice. I could still hear him chomping away three rows down.

A third situation I was in was during my viewing of Don’t Breathe. The film was at a very dark and tense moment, when suddenly a man starts shining his iPhone flashlight in my face. I believe he was looking for a friend or something, but I’m not really sure. All I know is I had some choice words for him to hear.

I have been annoyed in a theater setting by every demographic of human being on this planet. And the list exponentially grows as to how many times this stuff is happening. Things I never thought somebody would do in a million years, people are doing. I mean, who shines a flashlight in everyone’s faces?

People need to understand that there are still a minority of individuals out there who go to the movies intending to actually watch the movie. I don’t think its too much to ask for to be quiet while watching a movie.

So please, either shut up or hit the road jack. I’m sick of this shit.

Zachary Flint

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