South Park “Wieners Out” Review

South Park returns this week with another funny, disgusting, and ultimately anti-climactic episode.

The episode titled “Wieners Out” is exactly what it sounds like, one big wiener joke. Butters starts rallying all the boys at South Park Elementary to stand up for the injustices they face from the girls. To show this, they all drop their pants and parade around with their wieners out. It’s pretty funny how many times in the episode they actually do it.

Gerald is now finding it difficult to live without trolling people on the internet. To make matters worse, he’s confronted with another internet troll who says he needs his help. There is a company being established in Denmark called, where people can actually track  down the names and locations of internet trolls. Gerald and the other internet trolls around the world must now figure out a way to respond to this.

Other than that, not much else is going on. Cartman is now officially dating Heidi and seems to be happy doing normal human things. Without social media he is free to live a happy and productive life.

Also, Randy started a therapy session for those addicted to member berries. We get a little more information on what the member berries are, but overall the subplot isn’t delved into.

I felt that this episode of South Park was more boring than more recent episodes. It just didn’t feel like there was a whole lot that was going on. The show furthered a few of the plots being continued from the previous episode, but other than that not a lot happened.

I was pretty disappointed, that is, until the last thirty seconds of the episode. I lost it at the return/reveal of a past character we haven’t scene in a long time. I will not give it away, but if you are a big South Park fan you will definitely be excited for this reveal.

There are some classic South Park gross out jokes made, and not just with the wieners. I won’t spoil it, but in the tradition of South Park it is very disgusting. It involves Gerald’s new addiction and Sheila trying to remedy it.

What I think a lot of this episode was trying to convey is that many issues we face today are not completely black and white. Pertaining to the gender wars in South Park, the girls aren’t wrong for being upset about mistreatment by internet trolls. The boys cannot be blamed either for being upset. Feeling like their being lumped into one big category with internet trolls and other sexist men. Then again, I could be completely wrong and this is all just an excuse for showing wieners on national television.

PC Principal makes the episode for a few seconds with an interesting view on the boys vs. girls trend going on. He can’t completely condemn the Wieners Out Movement for protesting what they feel is an injustice, neither can he condemn the girls for their feelings towards this. As he puts it, he is in a “PC pretzel”.

I can tell that this is all building up to a climatic ending, and when it gets here its going to be great. But until then, South Park fans will have to settle for a fairly average episode with some interesting commentary and funny jokes.

Zachary Flint

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