Halloweentown Review

Whenever I’m asked the question of, “what is my favorite guilty pleasure movie?”, the answer has always been Halloweentown. Sure there are movies I love that most people think are bad, like Looney Tunes: Back in Action and UHF. However with Halloweentown I accept just how bad it is, yet I love just about all of it.

This Disney Channel original movie stars Kimberly J. Brown as Marnie Piper, a thirteen year old girl who is obsessed with the Halloween season. Every year Marnie’s eccentric Grandma Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) visits  for Halloween, dropping hints of a magical world. So when Marnie decides to follow her Grandma home, Marnie discovers that Aggie lives in the secret world of Halloweentown.

Halloweentown is a place where all Universal studios type monsters live in harmony together. However, things may not be as they seem, and it is up to Aggie, Marnie, and Marnie’s younger siblings Sophie (Emily Roeske) and Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) to figure out what is going on.

Among all the cheesy Disney channel tropes,cringe worthy dialogue, and eye roll-able jokes, there is a very charming film here. A film that young kids can understand, and adults can find cute and enjoyable.

Halloweentown overall gives off a very comforting tone and mood. It’s a relaxing film for the audience to experience without having to think too deeply. I often times don’t like it when a film opts to play it safe, but this is the exception for me.

The town of Halloweentown is one of my favorite parts of the entire movie. The makeup design on all the monsters that the audience gets to see inhabiting the town are pretty goofy and funny. The festive set pieces of the town square are great as well, I can tell that a lot of effort was put into the design of them.

Halloweentown has made me smile every time I watch it, ever since I was a kid. That’s something that I really admire in a movie, the ability to keep me coming back years later and enjoying it just the same. Perhaps it’s just my own nostalgia for it getting in the way, but a little nostalgia for movies is never a bad thing.

I sit down with my family every year and  watch Halloweentown. It is a fun, visually creative, and all around enjoyable family movie that is perfect for the Halloween season.  I recommend anyone who likes family fun holiday movies to go ahead and check it out.

Zachary Flint

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