South Park ‘Fort Collins’ Review

South Park returns again this week with a more focused and exciting episode then before. Packed with member berries, internet trolls, and even email scandals.

In this episode, we see a lot of focus put on the member berries, and Randy’s fruitless attempt at destroying them. He tries using both a blow torch and pouring chemical acid on the berries, but neither work. It looks like member berries have even become self aware. They actually escape Randy’s house and drive a miniature little car down the street. All while saying things like “Member where we’re going?” and  “Oh I member!”.

Cartman finally takes the jab at the 2016 Ghostbusters remake that I have been waiting patiently for, and it totally pays off. Ghostbusters is even brought up on multiple occasions, as Cartman is now paranoid that his girlfriend Heidi will learn of the horrible things he said about the women in the movie. He is now willing to go to great lengths to make sure his girlfriend never knows it was him. This is all done in the traditional Cartman fashion of overracting.

The Danish decide to run a beta test for their website, where they plan on releasing everyones internet history to weed out online trolls. The scene in which this test is carried out on the town of Fort Collins, Colorado is the funniest part of the entire episode.  The whole town is in flames, with people committing suicide and murdering others. One of the trolls that had been working with Gerald named MLKKK is lit on fire and burned to death in the ensuing chaos. All of this because he called a redneck’s handicap daughter R2-D2.

Mr. Garrison (our Donald Trump-esque character) is now prodding the citizens of the United States to vote for Hilary Clinton instead of him. Garrison says that a vote for Hilary is like honestly admitting The Force Awakens wasn’t actually that good. As Mr. Garrison puts it, “It was more of a Happy Days reunion than a Star Wars movie.”

On the other side, it now seems that Hilary Clinton will have to get involved in the fiasco too. Hilary is afraid that her email history will compromise her chance at winning the election. She may actually have to enlist in the help of Skankhunt42, aka Gerald. I have to say I didn’t see this coming, but its really great. It’s both a clever and comedic way to work Hilary’s email scandal into the season.

I really liked this episode of South Park. It seemed a little more focused then previous episodes this season, while still being clever and over the top crazy. Where the season will go from here, I have no idea. Whoever wins the Presidential election will significantly determine how this season continues. Whatever it may be, I’m sure were in for a treat.

Zachary Flint

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