South Park ‘Oh Jeez’ Review

South Park returns this week with the surprise election results. I guess Trey and Matt had to redo the episode on short notice because the Giant Douche beat the Turd Sandwich. Therefore I don’t believe the episode is as big and climatic as it was going to be originally.

Mr. Garrison is now set to take office January 20th now that he defeated the Turd Sandwich in a close race. It seems that the member berries may have taken Garrison over completely, now that he is in some kind of zombified state. He cannot stop talking about how great the new Star Wars film was.

Randy Marsh decides to confront Mr. Garrison about the election, as he thought they were in agreement that the new Star Wars was not actually that good. When Randy confronts him though, Garrison just projectile vomits purple member berries into his mouth. Randy then becomes a nostalgic zombie, saying things about how he gave the new Star Wars another chance and really liked it. This was all very strange, and funny.

Something even more strange going on in South Park is that Bill Clinton has teamed up with Bill Cosby to help young boys be accepting of girls. They act as therapists talking to the boys one on one, and they even call an assembly at the school and do this hillarious dance. This is by far the funniest and all around best part of the episode. Bill has an especially good monologue at the end of the episode about his wife that really got me laughing.

Gerald has now been hired by Hillary Clinton and the U.S. government to go undercover at the Trolltrace headquaters in Denmark. He is hired as a James Bond type character to set off an EMP grenade on the Trolltrace servers, disabling them from releasing everyones internet history. I won’t spoil anything, but lets just say this doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Cartman has made the ultimate decision to take Heidi (his girlfriend) and himself to the planet Mars. How he plans on doing so has yet to be discussed. I am really hoping this Cartman plot goes somewhere good. Good enough to make up for Cartman not being an asshole the entire season, which is usually the greatest part of the show.

This new episode is not exactly what I was expecting, but I will take what I can get. It was pretty funny at times, like when Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby were on screen. The member berries stuff was pretty good too. The rest felt a little bland to me. I really got my hopes up for something much more. The storylines were each developed a little here and there, and its looking like Gerald has come to the end of the road with his trolling. However the big climatic South Park where everything finally comes full circle will still have to wait. Until then, I hope Trey and Matt can continue to keep the audiences entertained.

Zachary Flint

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