South Park ‘Members Only’ Review

Now that Donald Trump is the President elect, there is plenty of satire to go around in the newest episode of South Park.

Mr. Garrison has returned to his home town to harass the community. He has now gone through surgery to get a Donald Trump blonde hair piece, making this his final transformation. Everywhere he goes with the secret service there is music playing that is a mix between patriotic Presidential music and the Imperial March from Star Wars.

There is one scene shared between Mr. Garrison and PC Principal that is particularly funny and thought provoking. Garrison metaphorically places part of Trump’s victory on the politically correct culture of the U.S.  He asserts that ‘people like you (PC Principal) are the reason I won this election’. Perhaps all the name calling and labeling of Trump supporters backfired for his opposition. Definitely some food for thought.

Garrison also subtly demands that PC Principal suck his dry penis, as he does with several other South Park residents. He causes commotion at the local Whole Foods when he demands that a Hispanic man named Eduardo suck it as well. Very raunchy, very comical.

Gerald is still trapped in Denmark, being held against his will by the anti-trolling Danish. He attempts to get his Canadian son Ike to log in online and troll for him. Making it seem as though Gerald really isn’t Skankhunt42. This leads to some great scenes where toddler Ike is saying horrible things about women on the internet.

We get to see even more development of the Member Berries plot as well. The Berries have won the election and are throwing a party at the White House. Playing nostalgic music and ‘membering’ all the good stuff. They even call Putin up and say ‘member the cold war?’ and ‘ooh I member!’.

We also get introduced to some older Member Berries, who remind me of a mix between Italian Mobsters and Fascist Dictators. They roll up to the White House party in there 1940’s car and begin acting as though they are in control. From what I gathered I think the Member Berries want to turn the United States into a nostalgic fascist dictatorship. Which sounds really goofy and funny.

Cartman and Heidi are now attempting to flee Earth and head to Mars to avoid internet trolling. Along for the journey includes Butters, Cher, and various minority groups. They all take a tour about the future of space travel with Elon Musk, who I remember from a previous episode. Elon assures them it will take us another decade to get to Mars. However when Cartman tells Elon just how smart and funny his girlfriend is, it seems to spark something in his mind. Perhaps there is a way for them to get to Mars.

This was probably my favorite episode of South Park this season. There are way more attempts at humor than previous episodes, and for the most part the jokes are all funny.

Just like many of the episodes in the past, this one feels like a bunch of setup as well. It never feels like we are getting anywhere with these episodes. It makes me yearn for the days every South Park wasn’t a continuous plot. Hopefully all this build up will be worth it in the last two installments of the season.

-Zachary Flint


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