Krampus Review

Thanksgiving is almost here, meaning that we only have one month to go till Christmas. Since it feels to me as if Halloween were yesterday, I only felt it fitting that I watch a nice holiday horror film. Of the bunch, I chose Krampus, a gory and yet silly take on one of the best times of the year.

Krampus stars Adam Scott, David Koechner, Emjay Anthony, and many others as a dysfunctional family who seems to have lost their Christmas spirit. So on Christmas Eve they do not get a jolly visit from Santa. They instead are visited by the festive goat demon Krampus, who has come to punish them for losing their Christmas spirit. A very simple and not-so-sweet plot.

The first half of the film feels almost like Christmas Vacation. With a stressed out family having the wacky redneck relatives over for Christmas. All resorting in the dysfunctional family struggling to get along. And just like Christmas Vacation, all these scenes are very funny.

The second half of Krampus is where it becomes the holiday gorefest. This is when Krampus and his helpers make their move on the helpless family, attempting to pick them off one by one. The eerie but light mood the film is able to take on is very unusual. Even when Krampus and his helpers are onscreen I still felt this comical presence.

The designs of Krampus’s little monster helpers are very creative. There is a jack in the box that swallows people whole, like a big snake. There are also little killer gingerbread men and an evil carnivorous teddy bear. I could tell some of the designs were practical effects, which was interesting to see. Even Krampus himself was a giant costume, which made him look all the more cool.

Krampus really relies a lot on the acting talents of its stars to keep the audience entertained, which really works well! The chemistry between the cast is beyond anything I would have expected out of a horror flick about a goat demon.

In a way, that is what is so great about this film. It goes above and beyond in areas that you would not have expected Krampus to go. The filmmakers could have easily made every monster in this film CGI. Instead, they make a lot of the monsters practical, which makes the film all the more cool and realistic to the audience. The filmmakers could have also just hired random actors, thrown them in front of the camera, and click record. Instead, they worked with the cast (all of whom are very talented) and made sure they got their quality end product.


Krampus is an odd movie to say the least. Even at its most serious or scary scenes, there are still funny oneliners being shot off and characters treating it all like a joke. The monster designs, strong acting, and good writing all make this a very solid movie. I would definitely recommend Krampus to anyone with a love for goofy horror movies and a good sense of humor.

Zachary Flint

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