South Park ‘Not Funny’ Review

South Park returns this week in full preparation to end season 20 on a high note. While I only felt this episode was moderately funny, South Park still manages to continue a well invested plot in the right direction.

The plot for this South Park mostly centers on Gerald Broflovski and the sinister plans of the Danish. Very soon Denmark will be launching their website called, which will release the internet history of everyone on Earth. This means bad news for the people of the United States. Especially for the city of South Park, who is notorious for their raunchiness and carelessness of others. 

Gerald finally admits to being Skankhunt42, and has a great confrontation with the owner of We viewers get insight into the true intentions of the Danish, which is an awesome reveal I did not see coming. 

Mr. Garrison (our Donald Trumpesque character) is trying to adjust to life as the future United States president. Garrison acts tough and thinks he knows what he’s doing, even when everything is falling apart at the seam. He receives multiple hilarious phone calls from residents of South Park, including his past lover Mr. Slave. In a comical exchange over the phone, Mr. Slave bullies and teases Garrison into nuclear war with Denmark. 

 Heidi and Eric are now working with Elon Musk to find a fast and efficient way to get to Mars. They wish to flee the Earth and live on Mars without all the trolls and assholes. I think this whole segment is supposed to be funny in an ironic kind of way. Eric keeps going around telling everyone women are smart and funny, having an overly romantic view towards women. But here is his ten year old girlfriend actually finding a way to get to Mars. 

As I mentioned previously I really didn’t find this episode all that funny. However I found it more enjoyable than many other episodes this season. South Park successfully re-sparked my interest in the next episode. We only have one more installment left this season, so lets hope it’s great.

-Zachary Flint

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