South Park ‘The End of Serialization as We Know it’, Season Finale Review

South Park capped off the season with, in my opinion, the best episode within the past year. The plot finally came around, tying in most of the side stories into one nice pretty bow. After what I felt to be an okay season with many hit or miss episodes, it was very nice to see things end on a pretty good note.

In this episode, we see the hilarious conclusion to the Danish project, which released the internet history of everyone in the world. Gerald gets to have a final showdown against the CEO of Trolltrace named Lennart Bedrager, who turns out to just be a troll himself. Gerald and Lennart take part in a great philosophical argument pertaining to the nature of trolling, and whether its right or wrong. When does trolling go too far? Can it even go too far? Definitely some food for thought.

We also get insight behind the true motives of why women wanted to get to Mars so bad. It turns out that women now believe men are obsolete. Therefore women shall colonize Mars by themselves while they lockmen in mines. In these mines men will be used only for semen and jokes, because deep down women are not actually funny. Bear in mind that this is all coming from the mind of Cartman, who finally makes a return to his old conspiring self.

Cartman’s sideplot with Elon Musk and Butters is definitely the best part of the episode. It is rich with usual South Park style comedy and wacky, nonsensical ideas. If you love Cartman’s antics, this is for sure an episode for you.

As I said, I thought a lot of the jokes and setups were funny and neat to see. However a few of the plots that were being built up were dropped and didn’t really get a good conclusion. What happened with the member berries when they took the oval office? Wasn’t there some big climax building up with that? Who knows! They really don’t discuss it. They only briefly show the member berries at the end. This and more all end anticlimatically, which is a real shame.

What is next for South Park in the coming year, I don’t know. Even though I enjoyed the last couple of serialized seasons, I would definitely prefer a return to the usual, unpredictable antics of the show. With the rise of Mr. Garrison as president (and the member berries at his side), I know South Park fans will be in for a treat.

-Zachary Flint

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