The Thing About Film Criticism


In a way, everyone is a critic. Everyone loves to argue among friends and family on what they feel the better movie was. Film critics simply take this idea of arguing over movies and move it to the next level. They analyze, critique, and contemplate what films and those who make them have offered up to viewers.

With the rise of the internet, people now have the power to instantly get a feel for if a movie will be good or bad. With the web titan Rotten Tomatoes anyone can know the ‘quality’ of the film with a simple percentage. Viewers can even contribute to this overall rating. But what I find disturbing about this style of rating is that it sucks out the humanity and passion of film discussion and boils it down to a few lines and a percentage. The fun in critiquing, analyzing, and movie going in general is the passion it brings out in people. Film critics help to channel this passion with an articulate voice and well educated background in movie going. They are entertaining to watch because of how enthusiastic they can get in what they do.

A critic`s opinion in no way means audiences are not going to see a particular movie, nor is it concrete evidence that a film is bad or good. But film critics have had a profound effect on people, getting audiences to think more critically on the movies they watch. And that is what I think the point in film criticism is. To challenge preconceptions and the way you thought you felt about a movie. Critics get their influence from how well they can challenge viewers and provoke passionate discussion in those that read their work. Many critics are eloquent and invoke emotion in their viewers.

Just because a few (or many) film critics don’t like the movies you enjoy does not mean that the films are bad. I would say to all those whose favorite movies have been panned by critics and audiences everywhere to challenge those beliefs! Defend the films you love dearly and critique the films you hate, just as a critic would. Think openly and analyze all movies critically, even the ones you love or that you thought you despised.

People don’t have to care about a critics views on a movie, but they should respect the art of criticism itself. The way in which film criticism gets people to think critically, creatively, and passionately about movies. Without criticism, film discussion would become much more bland and the best of movies would lose their sense of value.

-Zachary Flint

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