74th Golden Globe Predictions

Starting off the new year we have the 74th annual Golden Globes award show. I often both disagree and dislike these award shows. I feel that a lot of their choices for the best films are not very good ones. They often snub films and pander to widely released films without much regards to independent filmmakers.

However I cannot deny the effect that they have on our culture and cinema itself. So I decided to choose which films I feel will win this years Golden Globe for each category. I am not including every category in this post, only those that I can make a knowledgeable and educated speculations on.

Drama: I have a good feeling that the winner of best drama will be Moonlight. I unfortunately have yet to see this film, but my sources tell me that this is a good one.


Musical or Comedy: With La La Land earning seven total nominations, it is bound to at least win one category. I have a good feeling that this will be the winner of best musical or comedy. I would personally love to see Sing Street or Deadpool win, yet I don’t think they have much of a chance against La La Land.

Best Performance in a Motion Picture- Drama (actor): I feel like this award will be going to either Andrew Garfield or Casey Affleck. Both are very compelling performances that these awards shows seem to love. I would really like to see Denzel Washington pull the win here for his awesome work in Fences, but I don’t think I will get that lucky.

Best Performance in a Motion Picture- Drama (actress): I would really like to see Amy Adams win for best actress in a drama for her awesome performance in Arrival. I personally don’t think there is much competition against her, but knowing the Golden Globes they’ll give it to someone undeserving.

Best Director: My pick for best director would be between Mel Gibson for Hacksaw Ridge or Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by the Sea. Since Hollywood hasn’t taken too kindly to Mel Gibson in the past few years, I would put my money on Kenneth Lonergan.

Best Original Song: I think that La La Land is going to win this category for sure with its song “City of Stars”. The songs from Moana and Sing are pretty good as well, but animated movies often don’t really mean too much to these award shows.

Best Animated Feature Film: My pick of best animated feature is Moana. Out of all the nominations, I think Zootopia is the only film that even closely compares to Moana in size and scope. It’s really a toss up between the two for who will get the Globe, but I’m going to go ahead and choose Moana for the win.

-Zachary Flint

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