Fences Review

Another great drama film to be released at the end of this year was Fences.

Fences stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis as a married couple living in 1950’s Pittsburgh. The film basically follows them on their day to day as we the audience watch the events of their life transpire. Throughout Fences we learn about the entire life of our main protagonist, Denzel Washington. As well as the struggles he and his family face during the civil rights era United States.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Denzel Washington, he’s one of my favorite actors. And I’m not exaggerating when I say this is one of his best films yet. I was amazed at how well he and the rest of the cast captured how people really talk and make conversation. At times it felt as though it wasn’t even a movie, that we were just watching a group of people have an engaging dialogue. All the characters moved from one conversation topic to the next fluently, just as normal people do.  None of the dialogue was predictable like in many drama films.

Denzels character is one of the most fleshed out, deep, and understandable characters in a film this year. We understand his motives and get a great feeling for exactly why he is the way he is. I went from loving his character, to hating him, to loving him again by the end of the film. He could be very unpredictable and I never knew just when his temper would peak and he’d flip his lid.

The setting of the film cleverly takes place almost entirely in the area surrounding Denzel’s house. We will have characters enter the scene, stick around and talk for a while, and then leave, all the while the scene continues. This isn’t done often in movies and it is really refreshing to see it done so well.

Because the film takes place mostly in one location, Fences relies entirely on how interesting our cast can be to the audience, and they more than deliver. Scenes can go on for up to ten minutes long with nothing but dialogue and they are still so gripping to watch.

The story that Fences tells is like I said, engaging and thought provoking. We get to experience the best and the worst of this family. All the trials, tribulations, and happy moments of life. It hits on many emotional levels that films like it only wish to accomplish. We get to see the rocky relationship Denzel has with his son. We see the unfortunate condition Denzel’s brother is in and how the family copes with that. Fences is a film that many will be able to relate to.

In conclusion, I highly recommend seeing Fences. If you like dramas, or just meaningfully realistic films, go check this out.

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