The Angry Birds Movie Review

I missed The Angry Birds Movie the first time around in the theater. I can’t say I was too disappointed. Now that I can stream it on Netflix, I decided I might as well give it a go. Overall, the film felt okay at best. The characters, story, and humor were all extremely bland. The animation was really good though, and some of the scenes were clever enough to keep me entertained.

Lets look at the story. A bird named Red (Jason Sudeikis) has very bad anger management issues. So much so that he becomes ostracized from the bird community and is forced to join an anger management class. Things start to go awry for the birds when a ship full of pigs voyage to their island, claiming they are there on friendly terms. It is up to Red and his new anger management pals to find out what is really going on. Josh Gad and Danny McBride also star in leading roles next to Sudeikis.

The humor in this movie is a little weird and definitely not funny. They try doing some jokes using clever word play (like instead of saying ‘birth  control’ they say ‘bird control’) but they just aren’t funny. At all. The delivery of the jokes is off too. Often the timing is off or the jokes are told in a passive way and the audience gets no time to comprehend the lame attempt at humor.

My biggest problem with The Angry Birds Movie is our lead character Red. He’s less of an ‘angry’ bird and more just a ‘pissed off asshole’. His character is just so mean to the residents of the bird island that it was kind of off putting. The filmmakers tried putting in some tragic backstory to build sympathy for the character, but by the time they do this Red has already established himself as a jerk. Almost the whole movie this guy acts like a complete tool and yet we’re supposed to like him?

The story told in The Angry Birds Movie isn’t really new, and it’s very predictable. I guess I could give them credit for trying, at least a little. However I knew every move this film made and exactly when it would take it.

The animation is by far the best element in The Angry Birds Movie. With the great color scheme used and the attention to detail in the characters I could tell this was very well made on a technical level. With a story as bland and typical as this I’m surprised it had as good of animation as it did. You almost have to feel bad for the animators, who worked tirelessly to make The Angry Birds Movie as good as possible.

The Angry Birds Movie is a film I believe will be forgotten within the next few years. It’s such a standard and average movie that nothing really sticks out too me (other than the high animation quality).

I don’t think I can really give a recommendation on this one. If a small child wanted to see it, I don’t think I would stop them. Even though there are questionable morals in this flick. Fans of the game might enjoy the film, but even that might be stretching it.

The Verdict: D+

-Zachary Flint

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