Hush Review

I recently watched on Netflix a slasher horror film by the title of Hush. What initially peaked my interest about Hush is its 100 percent rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. And after my viewing of Hush, I wasn’t disappointed.

Hush centers around a young author named Madison (Kate Siegel), who is deaf, due to a case of bacterial meningitis as a teen. As an adult she moved into an isolated house in the middle of the woods and feverishly works on her novels. Once in a while she gets a visit or text from friends or family, but for the most part remains solitary. One night a nameless man (John Gallagher Jr.) begins stalking and terrorizing Madison, making it very clear he plans on killing her before the night is over.

To give a feel for how our protagonist sees things, all sound will cut out and the film will be silent. It’s a pretty clever idea that effectively lets the viewer see what the protagonist sees (or in this case hear). Sometimes the scares come in the form of a silent jump scares, other times it’s intense anxiety because the killer is behind her but she has no idea because she cannot hear him.

I felt that the film dragged at various parts throughout the film, which is something that the horror genre struggles with. This is an extremely simple plot of one woman in a house being attacked. So naturally the director is going to have to throw in small bits of filler hear and there. If you go into the film expecting to see plenty of filler, than it probably won’t bother you much.

The mask that the killer wears is very frightening. It is a very simple design that gives off some creepy vibes. However the killer takes this mask off very early on in Hush, which has I felt was a poor choice on their part. First off, the mask was hell of a lot scarier than his face. I think they tried hiding the fact that he barely wears the mask in the trailers because they knew people would find it freakier. They were most definitely right. It would make more symbolic sense to keep the mask on, making him a faceless murderer who kills just for the satisfaction of killing.

The one positive about taking the mask off is that John Gallagher Jr, is behind it. I think he is a terrific actor that can be very expressive. That is no exception here, because he is a very ruthless and cruel killer. His character is unsettlingly nonchalant about murder and is able to manipulate others very well. Reminds me of how a real life killer might act.

There are a number of lame horror cliches in this that I groaned at. I won’t say which ones specifically because it might give some stuff away, but lets just say its very predictable. And predictability is something that can kill a horror film like Hush.

Hush ends on a strong note, it doesn’t cheap out like countless horror films have been known to do in the past. The climax is satisfying and intense, and the end leaves the viewer feeling content with what they just experienced.

To put it plain and simply, Hush was a decent flick. It’s a good slasher horror film to sit down and watch at night. The idea that our protagonist is deaf and mute adds another level to the horror entirely. The filmmakers were able to toy with this and give us some clever and creative scenes.

I would definitely have to recommend Hush to those who like this sort of thing. In an age where most horror films are tiresome and boring, films like Hush seem to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if the film wasn’t perfect.

The Verdict: A

-Zachary Flint


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