Mascots Review

Mascots is a Netflix original film about a bunch of washed up sports mascots gathering together to compete in a big competition. Several semi-famous mascots come together to be the judges of this wacky event.

I have to give the film props for actually tackling such a bizarre subject matter. If someone were to tell me that this were the plot to a full length film, I don’t think I would believe them.

In the traditional mockumentary spirit, Mascots goes for an awkward, ‘say odd things’ style of humor. Where the characters are just so bizarre that what they say and do is really funny. Great examples of mockumentaries done like this would be The Office, Parks and Recreation, and This is Spinal Tap. Mascots is sort of like these movies, if they were written by a monkey.

I think perhaps Mascots took too weird of an angle for it to be comical. Some of the concepts they try to turn into jokes are just too weird and come off as not funny. There is one scene when some guys are discussing the difference between furries and mascots. They also discuss the language of furries using different grunts. This scene fell flat on its face, getting only an uncomfortable silence from me.

Most of this mockumentary feels like a waste of time, and most of it is completely justified by the actions of the film. There are plenty of pointless scenes that go nowhere and exist only to give Mascots the extra runtime boost.

I felt almost no investment in any of the characters at any point in this film. I liked a couple of the people competing, but I couldn’t of cared less who would win the competition. In fact, a lot of time is devoted to characters who aren’t even competing in the compettion. These characters have no story arc or anything, they just kind of show up, say some awkward stuff, and leave at the end of the film.

The film ends on what I guess could be considered a high note for those who actually like Mascots. The person who deserved to win the mascot competition did so accordingly. All the characters you’d assume to have happy, satisfying endings had their moments too. There is one particular ending with this argumentative couple that got a couple laughs out of me.

If your’e a fan of mockumentaries (even the lower quality ones) then you probably won’t have much of a problem with this film. However, I did. I don’t think this movie is funny or a good investment of my time. I found it mostly boring with little enjoyment to be made. So if you don’t like mockumentaries or are not an amateur mascot, steer clear from this awkward comedy.

The Verdict:C-

-Zachary Flint

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