The Expendables: Reel Quick Review

I have decided to start a new segment where I briefly review films within about two hundred words. I will reserve these quick reviews for films that have been out for a while that don’t necessarily need an in-depth analysis or plot summary. So without further ado, the review:


The Expendables is truly a film for action movie fans, as it stars some of the biggest action heroes of all time (including Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Lundgren, and many others).

I think the story itself is pretty bland and typical, it’s basically one big rescue mission that all of our protagonists become involved in. The pacing is most certainly off too, as their are many slow boring parts with big chase scenes scattered about. Some of the characters are flat and the actors feel like they’re mostly just playing themselves.

Despite these aspects, I enjoyed watching The Expendables. Not for its plot or its characters, but for the fun popcorn action movie it is. The Expendables feels like a nostalgic throwback to the 80’s action films that many of these guys starred in. There are some very fun fight sequences to watch, cheesy one liners that get a few laughs, and intense car chases.

I really got the feeling that the actors were having fun making this film, which rubbed off on me. Those who enjoy The Expendables won’t be looking for some thought provoking film on war, but as a callback to a generation of fun, macho, and good vs. evil movies.

The Verdict: B-

-Zachary Flint


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