Power Rangers Review

How many Krispy Kreme plugs does it take to make a Power Rangers movie? That was the primary question running through my head as I watched Saban’s Power Rangers.

Power Rangers takes place in the small town of Angel Grove, where five misfit teens discover ancient coins that give them superhero powers. With these coins, the teenagers turn into the Power Rangers, defenders of Earth from alien threats. One such threat is Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), an evil invader who plans to create a monster and steal a powerful ancient artifact. The Power Rangers must now learn to band together to defeat Rita and save humanity from her destructive capabilities.

One aspect I really liked about this film was the real life dilemmas given to each of the lead characters. Each was dealing with a separate and very relatable issue in their lives. For example, Billy Cranston (the Blue Ranger played by RJ Cyler) has autism, which holds him back from connecting with others. Another example would be Zack Taylor (the Black Ranger played by Ludi Lin), whose mother is very sick and may pass away soon. It’s traits like these that help the audience care for the characters more. I’m sure there will be plenty of people who can strongly connect with the Rangers in this film, which I think is just wonderful.

The product placements in this film, especially in the third act, came to be quite ridiculous. There was enough Krispy Kreme references in Power Rangers to rival the level of product placements in Man of Steel. They even went as far as to make Krispy Kreme important to the central plot, which I found to be absurd. I mean, who really thought this was a good idea?

The classic Power Rangers theme that everyone knows and loves, was literally only played once for about ten seconds. It’s such a tease that I’m not really sure why they even put it in. I know if I was a big fan of Power Rangers, I would’ve been mighty disappointed in the lack of theme song use.

I really wish to make it clear that, as a kid, I never really got into the Power Rangers. So that being said, I truly have no idea if this film did the Power Rangers television show justice. One thing I do know is that, there was a severe lack of Power Rangers in the Power Rangers movie. I don’t want to spoil too much, but our heroes aren’t even able to use their Ranger suits until over an hour into the film. To make matters worse, we don’t even get to see them beat up bad guys until the final act.

For what it’s worth, the few action scenes we got were pretty entertaining to watch. We got to see the cool martial arts stunts the Power Rangers usually do, as well as see them battle inside their Megazord. During these moments all the Power Rangers fans in the audience got audibly pumped up and excited. These scenes overall were a lot of fun and kept me interested in the film.

While I thought Power Rangers was an okay film, I didn’t think it was anything that special. I loved how all the Rangers were fleshed out and given character, and the action sequences were pretty fascinating. However, the product placements were obnoxious, there were only really two action scenes (at the tail end of the film), and the Power Rangers didn’t even get their suits until half an hour before the film ended.

Again, I’m not sure how well fans of the original show will enjoy this, but I think Power Rangers is good enough that it’s worth at least giving a try.

The Verdict: C+


-Zachary Flint

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