The Muppets Review

Everyone’s favorite puppets make a triumphant return with this clever and inspired reboot.

The story revolves around not one of our usual Muppet pals, but a new character named Walter, created just for this film. Walter has a human brother named Gary (Jason Segel), whose taking his long time girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) on a vacation to Los Angeles. Walter being a huge fan of The Muppets, Gary decides to invite his brother along on his vacation so that he may visit Muppet Studios. Upon arrival to the studio, Walter discovers that The Muppets have long since disbanded due to low popularity, everyone going their separate ways. Not only that, Walter also unveils an evil plot to destroy the studio. Determined not to let the studio be destroyed, Walter meets up with Kermit the Frog, and together they decide to reunite the gang and put on one last show.

The Muppets is probably one of the most self-aware films I have ever had the chance to see. On many occasions, the characters make reference to how they’re explaining an important plot point, or how they might be boring the audience. I’m usually not a huge fan of this self-referential style of humor, perhaps because it isn’t utilized well in modern cinema. However, in the case of The Muppets, they specialize in this sort of thing.

Staying true to The Muppets usual comedic antics, the film uses lots of slapstick and self-aware puns. The Muppets excel at making you chuckle at even the most lame of jokes and ideas. I constantly laughed throughout the entire film, probably more than most children would.

The villain of the film, an oil baron named Tex Richman, is so hilariously clichéd that I couldn’t help but love him. Just from analyzing his name, you can tell how over-the-top sinister and ruthless he is going to be. There is even a really funny scene where he coaxes his evil partners into chuckling by chanting the phrase “maniacal laugh”.

The filmmakers clearly knew exactly what direction this reboot needed to take. The entire film poked fun at the concept of how The Muppets are no longer popular, and are seen as something of the past. This is a very clever and surprising route for the film to take, one that certainly benefited them in the long haul.

The amazing thing about The Muppets is how timeless they remain. Parents, kids, just about anyone, can enjoy this reboot of the beloved classic. I had a lot of fun with this film, and laughed the whole way through. Not only do we get reintroduced to all our favorite Muppets, but we get new and well written characters added to the roster.

This film serves as a perfect tribute to previous films of The Muppets, and also stands on its own as a unique installment to the series. It’s creative, comical, and full of corny music that anyone can enjoy.

The Verdict: A

-Zachary Flint

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