Die Hard (1988) Review

Picture this. An everyday guy, trapped in a skyscraper with foreign terrorists, thirty plus hostages (one being his wife), and inept law enforcement making a mess of the place. Sound familiar? Of course it does, it’s Die Hard! Even those who haven’t seen the 1988 action classic know the plot, because it’s been replicated time and time again by countless films that only manage to … Continue reading Die Hard (1988) Review

The Grinch Review

Special Order 937 from Illumination Entertainment’s upper management: “Priority one. Ensure return of cash profit. All creativity secondary. Audience expendable.” If that Alien reference was to crass or obscure for you, let me clarify. I’m catching on to Illumination Entertainment’s (the makers of Despicable Me, Sing, etc.) business model of putting financial gain before creativity and filmmaking passion. They actively strive to meet the animation industries … Continue reading The Grinch Review

A Christmas Story LIVE Review: A Big Yuletide Log

The latest beloved film to be nostalgically cashed in happens to be one my favorite holiday classics, A Christmas Story. Morphed into a televised musical and broadcasted live by Fox, A Christmas Story Live! attempts to recreate the magic of the original while establishing itself as its own musically inclined entity. Upon its release, the musical immediately received negative reactions from audiences, and for good reason. The … Continue reading A Christmas Story LIVE Review: A Big Yuletide Log