Blade Runner 2049 Review

As a lifelong follower of the science fiction genre, Blade Runner has always been revered as a classic. Pioneering many awe-inspiring visuals that films today look to for guidance. While I respect Blade Runner for its visual achievements, emotionally the film has done very little for me. I find it a bit mundane and heavy-handed, with little going for it other than the artistic style. In … Continue reading Blade Runner 2049 Review

The Nice Guys Review

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are the Nice Guys, however their behavior onscreen would have me arguing otherwise. They are rude, crude, and have very little decency, yet both their characters still come off as likable. Crowe and Gosling are a great on screen duo and naturally work well off of each other. The Nice Guys is a mystery neo-noir that takes place in the … Continue reading The Nice Guys Review