The Disaster Artist Review: It Big Hollywood Movie!

In the same vain as Tim Burton’s 1994 film Ed Wood, The Disaster Artist documents the making of what is widely considered one of the worst films of all time, The Room. Written and directed by Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau, The Room is an absurd and perplexing piece of cinema full of unintentionally humorous scenes, bizarre writing, and atrocious acting. Despite the film’s irrationality, The Room … Continue reading The Disaster Artist Review: It Big Hollywood Movie!

Sausage Party Review

Sausage Party is a hilarious comedy adventure that allows audiences to finally see into the minds of their favorite foods. It discusses such topics as what foods might be thinking as you buy them, and what they think as you eat their friends. This is all greatly done in a comedic, R-rated, animated fashion. Sausage Party stars Frank (Seth Rogen), a packaged hot dog who … Continue reading Sausage Party Review