Mission Impossible: Fallout Review

It’s hard to believe we’re six films in and Tom Cruise is still going strong with his Mission Impossible series. In fact, I’d say his performance in Mission Impossible: Fallout is quite impressive, which I find to be rather abnormal for an actor this deep into a franchise. I’d have thought he’d lighten up, get lazy, or lose his passion for acting the part. But … Continue reading Mission Impossible: Fallout Review

Eddie the Eagle Review

I find it peculiar that just within the same few weeks there was two films released centering on the Olympic Games. The first being the film Race about the track star Jesse Owens, a picture I already reviewed negatively. The second being Eddie the Eagle, a film about an underdog in the 1988 Winter Olympic games. While Race came as a big disappointment to me for many reasons, I found Eddie … Continue reading Eddie the Eagle Review

Race Review

Upon viewing Race, I had high hopes for the film. I felt that director Stephen Hopkins had himself a narrative that came gift wrapped. A story about the life of American hero Jesse Owens and his accomplishments at the 1937 Olympics. Overcoming both prejudice and hate. I found myself surprisingly disappointed with Race and left the theater feeling underwhelmed, wishing for something more fulfilling. It was quite obvious … Continue reading Race Review