Mission Impossible: Fallout Review

It’s hard to believe we’re six films in and Tom Cruise is still going strong with his Mission Impossible series. In fact, I’d say his performance in Mission Impossible: Fallout is quite impressive, which I find to be rather abnormal for an actor this deep into a franchise. I’d have thought he’d lighten up, get lazy, or lose his passion for acting the part. But … Continue reading Mission Impossible: Fallout Review

The Mummy Review

The Mummy is a shockingly lousy attempt by Universal to copy the Marvel Cinematic Universe format. As the first installment of the lamely titled Dark Universe series, The Mummy is a bloated mess, with poorly written characters, easily predictable dialogue, and a very lame premise. The film follows an antique thief named Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise), who accidentally unearths an ancient mummy princess named … Continue reading The Mummy Review