South Park ‘Fort Collins’ Review

South Park returns again this week with a more focused and exciting episode then before. Packed with member berries, internet trolls, and even email scandals. In this episode, we see a lot of focus put on the member berries, and Randy’s fruitless attempt at destroying them. He tries using both a blow torch and pouring chemical acid on the berries, but neither work. It looks like member … Continue reading South Park ‘Fort Collins’ Review

South Park “Wieners Out” Review

South Park returns this week with another funny, disgusting, and ultimately anti-climactic episode. The episode titled “Wieners Out” is exactly what it sounds like, one big wiener joke. Butters starts rallying all the boys at South Park Elementary to stand up for the injustices they face from the girls. To show this, they all drop their pants and parade around with their wieners out. It’s pretty … Continue reading South Park “Wieners Out” Review